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Remy human hair is quite a much used trend among the masses across the globe. Because of its natural shine and look, this hair type is quite popular and everybody loves it. Well, what is pure Remy human hair? The answer is that this type is defined as human hair that comes from a single donor in which the cuticles are thoroughly kept intact. The hairs are then organized from the root to the tip facing the same direction.

The hair cuticle happens to be the outmost layer of the tresses which give a through protection to the tresses. In Remy hair, the intact cuticles lay smoother and flat letting the reflective surface to give an utter bright and shiny look.

Well, Remy hair has to be cut very closer to the scalp in a ponytail. Very carefully the hair is then collected and the cleaning process is followed using the detergent in order to remove the dirt or any lice if it is there. It has to be understood that the hair strands should be in same direction.

There are a number of types of Remy hair available such as virgin, processed and unprocessed. They are also called the subcategories of Remy hair. By the time, the cuticle remains intact, the tresses are considered Remy.

Pure Remy human hair can be bought online – there are very simple procedures to buy them. Open the search engines and mention how to buy Remy hair, and you will be showered with a number of options. There are plenty of online stores, which offer Remy hair. The trusted ones include ebay, Amazon and Alibaba.