Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At HairWeavesStyles, users’ privacy is taken quite seriously. Our privacy policy clearly reveals as to what kind of personal information is collected and how it is used by us.

Information Collection

The basic information of the visitors is collected that includes (but does not limit to) browser details, referring pages, IP addresses and timestamps. This information cannot personally identify the particular user or visitor to this website. The information taken is just for the usual maintenance purposes and administration.

Use of Cookies and Web Beacons

HairWeavesStyles’s use of cookies includes the storage of information about the preferences of visitors to this website. Besides, the cookies are used to store the history of the visitor to serve the visitor better.

Cookies, web beacons and scripts may also be used by third parties and advertising partners in order to track the visitors to this site to display the ads and other helpful information. This type of tracking is done directly by the third parties and they use their own servers for this tracking and this action is subject to their own privacy policy.

Control on Your Privacy Setting

You have authority to change your browser settings so as to disable the cookies if there are any privacy concerns you have. Well, it is not recommended at all to disable cookies for all websites since it might hinder your usage of some other websites. If you still want to disable the cookies, the best solution is to disable or enable the cookies as per-website basis.

Google Advertising

It is to be noted that the ads served by Google Inc. or any affiliated companies may be controlled by using cookies. The cookies let Google to display its ads based on your visits to our website. You may learn as to how you may opt out of Google’s cookies’ usage. Any kind of tracking done by Google Inc. through the cookies or other ways is entirely subject to Google’s own privacy policy.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns or questions regarding privacy policy, you may direct all to our contact page for the answers.