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With the change of time and every passing moment, the trends keep changing and you have to be update if you want to look stunning, gorgeous and catchy. If you want your style statement should be followed, then updates are necessary. Parties are always those events, which require your careful attention, as you are noticed very carefully over there. If you are low on style quotient, you will be ignored by the people out there. Then why to be ignored, when you have potential to look central? Here, we present the best latest stylish party hairstyles for you to choose the ones you like the most and the ones fit well on your face and persona.

Low Slung Bun

For parties, Low Slung Bun or Side swept Bangs always work high by making you gorgeous and appealing all at the same time. These hairdos are always neat, refined and endow you with an elegant look. Just give this look with an apt costume and wear smokey eyes and you will be the dish of the treat.

How to Get This Look?

By parting the tresses into a side parting and clipping up the bangs on the either side of your head, you can get this style. Then you need to brush the rest of the hair in a low ponytail and then secure them with a hair tie. Now twist the ponytail and go for winding it to make a bun. After this, you are required to secure the bun by using bobby pins followed by finishing up with a hairspray.

Hair Curls

Hair curls make a stunning style statement and always fit well on almost all faces making you a real attention-fetching personality of the event. This is called a perfect party hairdo, which is easy and simple to make. You look seductive and hot with the curls.

How to Get This Look?

This look can be gotten by applying some volumizing mousse. Then blow dry your tresses by using a round barrel brush. Once you are done with this process, you then need to create the curls on your tresses using larger barrel tongs. Now you need to set these curls by using strong hairspray. Then go for separating the curls.

Sky High Bump

Well, among latest stylish party hairstyles, another one is sky high bump that is often seen at the red carpet events where the female celebs sport it. This makes a good fashion statement, which is why it is quite popular.

How to Get This Look?

In order to give your hair a volume boost, you need to first prep them. Post doing so, you need to apply volumizing mousse and then go for blowing dry your tresses upwards. Now it is time to divide your tresses and then backcomb them to give them a volume at the crown. After this, you need to lightly brush your hair back and make a style whatever you want. Either a bun or a half up half down style can be created.

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