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Hair weave styles are much common and often we sport the celebrities revealing the style statements with hair weave. Not only celebrities, but also socialites too use the hair weave in order to get luxurious and longer locks. Well, now the hair weave is found being done at almost every other hair salon. Now the question is whether hair weave styles are good or not to have. The answer is that you should first know the hair weave styles pros and cons prior to going for the same. Let’s learn the pros and cons of the hair weave styles below.

Pro: Faster Results

The pro of the hair weave style is that it is faster. Almost four-hour’ time is consumed on a typical sewn in weave. For the women, who want to change their look or who are indecisive about their hairdos, this is really brilliant news. Another best about the weave is that it comes in various colors, thus, the need to dye the hair with harsh chemicals is no more. The change in your style happens immediately and this look goes on for almost three months or so.

Con: Pain-Taking

Understand the fact that hair weaving can really be painful since the weave is placed into your hair. To place the weave, your hairstylist needs to braid your tresses tightly on the scalp. Once the entire head is braided, then the tracks of your head are sewn into braids. Thus, the braiding and the pulling of the hair turns out to be really painful.

Pro: Faster Length

Another pro of hair weave is that you get the length of the hair instantly. Obviously, the women with short hairdos surely will not want to wait for months or years for the hair to grow long. There are women who got their hairs cut into shorter length, they too do not want to wait long for the hairs to grow. In these cases, the hair weave comes up with a best solution. Hair weave comes in various lengths and it may come up to 30 inches long. Therefore, you may get the hair length faster.

Con: Expensive

Hair weave is really expensive and costly for the ones who want this style statement. Every session of hair weaving can cost up to $150 or even higher. Besides, you need the hair weave to be done every three months. This is really expensive.

Pro: Protection of Hair Naturally

Your hair get weak and damaged after you keep coloring, perming and styling them for years. In this case, hair weave comes up as a protection of your hair. It protects the hair naturally. Since it binds into the braids, thus all styling with products gets eliminated and hair protection comes in naturally.

Con: Quality Factor

You should understand it that all hair weaves are not made equally. It means, a weave with low price will be quality-less. The lesser-expensive hair weave will look fake whereas the expensive hair weave, which is made with human hair, looks genuine and fits well to your hair. It comes up with quality.

Do follow these hair weave styles pros and cons before deciding to get hair weave.