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Short haircuts always make a real stunning and catchy fashion statement. When they are dolled up by the female celebrities, they turn out to be really catchy and attention-fetching for their fans who keep following them all the time. This posts lets you know about the best short haircuts for women – the female celebrities will be discussed who sport short hairdos to make fashion statements.

Julianne Hough

She is a real beauty with stunning looks and she is the one who keeps changing her hairstyles. She loves sporting short haircuts. The current one is choppy that appears to be edgy and stylish at a time.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin reveals and flaunts off pixie cut – the short hairdo that fits well to her face and personality. When it comes to making style statements, Ginnifer is the best among the lot. Goodwin’s side-swept layered bangs look great and soften her hairdo.

Jennifer Lawrence

Well, Jennifer Lawrence is the most central babe of Hollywood industry and her fashions are what are followed heavily. Her recent cropped hairdo makes a new fashion statement. Her pixie cut looks great and turns out to be versatile.

Mariska Hargitay

She is a decent lady of Hollywood trade and has good fan following in the world. Her fans often see her changing her looks, but her present look with sleek bob with bangs is what makes her exceptionally sweet and gorgeous.

Anne Hathaway

She is a famed celebrity and her short-haircut fits quite well on her cute face. Her pixie hairdo makes her face frame stunning and makes her features prominent. Go for it.

These are lovely best short haircuts for women. The best is that female celebrities wear these styles.