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Best of the Best Top 50 Black Hairstyles

Female celebrities are followed heavily and their fashion trends too are dolled up by their fans in the world. Just like their fashion statements, their fans also would love to go with the hairdo they sport. Here in this post, we will discuss top 50 black hairstyles, which they women of tinsel town sport. Let’s check them out.

  • Beyonce

Songstress Beyone, the dusky beauty is simply loved by her fans in the globe and her hairdos are always in talks. She recently flaunted off beach waves hairstyle that is being loved by her fans.


  • Alicia Keys

Another one is Alicia Keys, the singer, is in news because of her talents and styles. She makes her hairdo simple. Alicia’s long tresses are swept up into a big braid.

  • Rihanna

Another on the list of top 50 black hairstyles is Rihanna, the controversial babe of the music world. Her cute cropped pixie hairdo with short hair makes her stunning and attention-grabbing.

  • Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington looks amazing and hot with her tousled, shoulder length tresses. Kerry wears tresses loose with blunt bangs.

  • Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson looks really hot and happening with her blonde asymmetrical bob. Her bob makes her central attention and she appears to be a stunning lady to look at.

  • Eva Marcille

Well, the next lady with stunning haircut is Eva, who is a TV actress and model. Her striking looks with blonde pixie cut makes her fresh and edgy.

  • Kelly Rowland

Another beauty with stunning looks is Kelly Rowland whose beautiful corkscrew curls are pretty nice. She wears them loose. She has big tresses and shows you how to wear them and carry them with confidence.

  • Solange Knowles

The songstress and model Solange Knowles is a real beauty with charming looks. Her hairdo makes her extra stunning and attention-fetching. These days she is sporting crose-cropped hairdo. She chooses wearing her tresses in braids. This one is simply the best.

  • Halle Berry

The Hollywood star Halle Berry is among those ladies of tinsel town, whose hairdos are welcomed warmly by her fans. Her playful razor-cut pixie style makes her ravishing. This one is perfect for those who are always on the ‘go’.

  • Ciara African

Ciara African is the next one this list of top 50 black hairstyles. She lands on the list because she is pretty and sports a fabulous looking hairstyle. Her shoulder-length blonde tresses make her extra graceful and glamorous. The long layers of Ciara’s hairs flatter her face more.

  • Noamie Harris

Noamie Harris is hot and happening babe of the entertainment world. The smoldering hot gal with long tresses, which carry side-swept waves, look every inch sexy and glamorous. Side-swept hairdos are quite popular these days.

  • Eva Marcille

Eva, the famed model and actress, looks naturally stunning with her avatar. She wears her tresses in chunky box braids. She often wraps the tresses in top-knot bun that goes chic with her look and style. This style is gaining momentum these days. Thus, you can feel free to experiment with your look by using it.

  • Thande Newton

This British actress sports casual and fluffy corkscrew curls, which are worn aptly and beautifully. This babe wears her tresses loose. Go for this chic and glamor hairstyle that plays safe on all faces.

  • Danai Gurira

She sports natural close-cropped hairdo that makes her sultry and stunning. If you are the one, who struggles with damaged hair, you may consider ‘big chop’. Well, close-cropped tresses go simply fine and this style also lets you hair grow rapidly and healthy.

  • Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith, the dusky actress, looks charming and with her avatar, she looks damn confident also. Her hairdo is perfect for summer because it keeps the tresses away and up from the face and shoulders. The low-bun is fantastic.

  • Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is another female celebrity who always rocks with her classy looks and hairdos, she sports all the time. The US recording artist, Teyana sports big and bouncy curls that she keeps dying in various colors.

  • Nicole Beharie

The famed TV actress Nicole carries delicate medium length curls that she wears in micro-braids. In order to cover her face, she puts few loose curls on it and always puts her hair into a ponytail.

  • Naomi Campbell

She is undoubtedly a big name of the fashion industry. She is a supermodel, who is grabbed on headlines and her fashion statements always work high among her fans. Her glossy and structured curls make her stunning and her signature bangs add values to her style.

  • Alek Wek

Alek Wek is a coveted British model who is Sudan born. Her extra short hairstyle makes her gorgeous. With her short hairdo and black complexion, Alek goes with minimum makeup and it makes her ravishing.

  • Meagon Good

Foxy famed actress Meagan Good sports sky-high, side-shaved Mohawk that puts her in distinction from all others. The hot and sexy look of the actress draws attention for her always.

  • Gabrielle Union

She carries eye-candy hairdo that she wears in a plaited ponytail to generate a good fashion statement. Well, this is a new way to shed away the old ponytail system.

  • Taraji P. Henson

Well, the charming lady, Taraji Henson is pretty and she turns out to be extra gorgeous with her brilliant hairdo that she flaunts off. Her short and glossy bob with long side-swept fringe flatters her look.

  • Selita Ebanks

Fashion icon Selita Ebanks carries really stunning hairdo. Her wet-look with slicked ponytail faltters her look and style aptly. This look is casual and sexy babes – then why not to have it.

  • Jordin Sparks

The songwriter and songstress Jordin Sparks looks great with half-up and half-down hairdo. Well, half of Jordin’s tresses are swept back and tied behind the head. And the rest of the tresses drop on her shoulders.

  • Anika Noni Rose

The actress, who shot to fame with Dreamgirls, Anika Noni Rose looks fresh, bright and swanky due to her fluffy curls that she sports. She also wears headbands, which are quite popular among females. Go for the style.

  • Zoe Saldana

She looks damn hot with side-swept hairstyle. The length of hair with this style draws attention instantly. Well, the style suits to all faces girls.

  • Tiffany Hines

With her shorter and asymmetrical bob, Tiffany looks ravishing and gorgeous. Her flippy bangs add values to her looks and endow her hairdo with a lively edge.

  • Keke Palmer

With her aptly maintained and done hairdo, Keke looks angelic. The braided hairstyle makes her gorgeous. The haircut also frames her face. Thus, if she can look gorgeous with this hairdo, then why don’t you to go for it?

  • Tika Sumpter

She is an ocean of talents – she is songstress, actress and model and all of these tasks she dolls up brilliantly. She turns out to be gorgeous with her soft and bouncy spirals of tresses. She always keeps her tresses loose.

  • Kelis

She makes her style statement with short, red and curly tresses. The brilliance of this hairstyle is that it is simple and looks sexy. It also suits most of the faces.

  • Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is a famed R&B songstress. She sports her trademark mini cornrows that fit well on her look. The wave style, she chooses for herself, goes well with her. The gentle braiding of each cornrow goes chic.

  • Jennifer Hudson

The kind of hairdo she sports goes well with her style. Jennifer Hudson, the coveted singer, looks fantastic and really fashionable with her shiny and straight tresses. Her angular face is well-flattered with the chunky bangs. Girls, go for it.

  • Gabrielle Union

She is a dusky beauty and this beauty sports a 50s style cute hairdo that goes really well with her. The curly bob hairstyle is really cutie and side-swept further add sparkles to her charms. Get it now.

  • Garcelle Beauvais

The wet-look Garcelle sports makes her utterly stunning and catchy. In order to give extra effects and grab attention-fetching avatar, she gets her hair slicked back and worn loose.

  • Nia Long

In the list of 50 black hairstyles, next celebrity comes is Nia Long who looks go-getting with long and perky haircut. Her side-swept fringe makes her central focused.

  • Tatyana Ali

The famed R&B singer and US actress Tatyana Ali sports side-swept hairdo. Her raven hairs are swept on one-side. The best about this look is that it is much easy to recreate.

  • Nichole Galicia

The steamy beauty Nichole Galicia looks amazingly hot with glossy and raven hairs, which she keeps wearing loose with long side-swept fringe.

  • Joan Smalls

With fishtail-platted pigtails, the renowned supermodel looks gorgeous and hot. Presently, fishtails happen to be much chic Go for it to look ravishing and happening.

  • Tyra Banks

The famed talk show host and ex-supermodel Tyra Banks looks really hot with her smoking look laced with poker straight tresses and blunt bangs. You can even use lace front wigs with this hairdo since it changes the look vividly.

  • Brandy

This famed singer pleased all of her fans with stunning long spring twists she sports. Usually, spring twists are won short, but this babe shows us that they can also be worn long.

  • Regina Hall

Regina Hall looks really composed and chic with her low ponytail. Her aptly made side-swept bangs and shiny hair add glamor to her avatar. Why not to have this style?

  • Thandie Newton

The gorgeous actress Thandie Newton carries her tresses in a deep-side parting. She carries the hairdo that every girl can opt and go with it.

  • Gugu Mbatha Raw

Her tiny springy curls make Gugu Mbatha Raw really adorable. The half up and half down hairdo is what makes her a catchy beauty. To get this style, you should use a tiny diameter hair wand with a bit of hairspray so that the curls can be placed properly.

  • Joy Bryant

She loves sporting her hair in a stylish ponytail and the curls make her more sizzling. The ponytail style with curls go chic and is quite in these days. Go and grab it.

  • Zoe Kravitz

The famed songstress and model Zoe Kravitz looks simply awesome with short and layered rzor cut hairdo. This style makes you chic and carefree and easy to wear it.

  • Lisa Bonet

Her stunning long hairdo that carries striking waist length deadlocks go pretty well with the lady in question. This style fits well with the women with long face.

  • Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman, the coveted supermodel, lets us know that how you can accessorize your tresses with utter impact. To get rock chic look, wear your loose and wear a hairband.

  • Jourdan Dunn

Coveted British model Jourdan Dunn turns out to be really charming and hot with the ritzy long locks that loose on her shoulders. Go for this one to look a fashion model.

  • Tia Mowry

Her longer wavy locks and eye-candy bangs make this stunning actress really hot ‘n’ happening. This hairdo happens to be really modern and versatile. The long bangs too flatter the look.

  • Kali Hawk

She is much-talented babe of entertainment abode. She is an actress, model and a comedian. Her hairdo is quite catchy and grabs the attention since it carries long loose waves. Her tousled layers add glamor to her style. Go to get this hairdo.

So, guys hope you must have enjoyed reading this post on top 50 black hairstyles, which the 50 black ladies of tinsel town sport.