Ariana Grande, the famed 21-year-old celebrity from the music abode, is much famous among her fans in the world. Where her fame lies in her singing, it is more of her style statements as well since she loves sporting herself in various avatars, which are well followed by her fans. Her hairdos are much popular and her style statements are synonymous to her hairstyles. Among the hairdos, which she is found sporting, Ariana Grande hair bows styles are loved to copy.

Well, hair bows are supremely popular among females, as they love dolling them up. They surely and certainly make the women pretty and generate a stunning look that is loved by the people in surround. Hair bows happen to be the simplest way to add touch of femininity to one’s style – the best is that they are much economical to make.

Most famous hair bows are pony bows and headband bow.

Pony Bow

Making a pony bow, you need to place the gathered the hair in the middle of the ribbon and then simply tie a single knot in order to secure it.

Then you can make two loops – cross one over the other and then just pull the loop on top via the hole you have generated.

Then you need to straighten the ends followed by tightening them so that the two loops come on the top and the two tails land on the bottom.

ariana hair bow

Headband Bow

To get this style, you got to run the ribbon along the hairline by drawing the ends towards your head top.

Then you need to secure a knot by tying a bow and then follow the method you did for pony bow.

Then go for tweaking the loops out a little bit in order to shorten the tails and then create a vast bow for your headband.

Now you need to slide the bow a little bit to the side.


More on Ariana Grande Hair Bows Styles

Well, talking more on Ariana Grande hair bows styles, it now has been revealed rather unzipped by herself that she now does not like sporting hair bows at all since she now likes going for cat ear. Ariana is famed for sporting and loving ponytails in various styles. But she often displays herself in other hairdos as well such as hair bows.

Whenever Ariana sports her look with hair bows, she looks damn lovely and gorgeous though she already is much stylish and beautiful, but with hair bows she adds more glitz to her already big style statement and grace.

She looks cute with various hair bows she has so far shown to the masses and the media at various occasions and events she has stepped in. A paparazzi’s delight, Ariana’s hair bows are always awaited with anxious eyes and when she reveals, they are well copied by millions of her fans across the globe.

If you are really interested in her hair bows styles, then you just need to log into the web and search her hair bows style, you will be equipped with a number of searches and images to zero in the best for your taste and style.

Recently Ariana appeared on the cover of InStyle Magazine where she again sported her signature high up ponytail, this shows this heart-hitting celebrity is more inclined towards ponytails than other hairstyles. The fact of the matter is that whatever she loves portraying, the best is that she looks damn gorgeous and hot in every avatar.

Ladies, if you are much passionate for hair bows, you can doll up this style. Just search how to make hair bows styles on the web and you will be offered plenty of ways to create the best ones. And if you want to buy hair bows, there are plenty of e-commerce websites and online platforms where you can make purchases of your required hair bows. If you want to buy Ariana Grande like hair bows, you also can buy the same online from a number of sources available readily for you. Visit them and make the purchases. The best authenticated ones include eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and AliExpress. Apart from these, there are many others as well where you can seek the best hair bows.