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The best and most lucrative thing about these hairstyles is that these hairdos always stand high and get you noticed when you wear them and sport them at any event or in public. They are chic, edgy and classic. They bring an altogether new look to make you prominent among the rest. No matter whatever style you choose such as funky, textured or chic, the fact of the matter is that they all get you utterly noticed. If they play safe and happen to be stylish, then why to waste any more time rather why not to opt the one best suited to your face and personality? Check out our list of the best African American hairstyles.

Conservative Mohawk

If you want a look that goes from day to night, try Conservative Mohawk that plays appropriate and fine with your style and look. It also shows your edgy side.

How to Get This Look?

By applying a thermal protectant, you begin with blowing dried hair. Now work in small sections on the back side smoothly and gently flipping your hair out. Now you should continue by working at the backside of your head. After this, you should work in smaller sections in the crown by smoothening your hair upwards gently flipping ends out. Now apply a tiny amount of shine to ends. Now style the bangs as per your desire. Finish the style with hairspray.

Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob appears to be the best if you are the one who wants something of reserved and sexy look. This style with a side bang plays perfectly well and does not go over the top.

How to Get This Look?

After drying your wet hair with towel, you can apply a styling crème to your hair. By using a Denman brush, you can then blow dry your tresses straight. Now you need to section off the top of your tresses by ironing the hair flat towards the neck. Now start working in smaller sections and gently and lightly bending the hair ends under. In order to generate movement, flip the bangs backwards. Now go for applying a bit of argan oil so as to mid the hair ends and length. Now use the hairspray to hold the ends.

Give Me Volume

Well, we all are aware of the fact that soft curls make a good style statements and nothing can beat them. If you are planning to go out for evening party or planning a weekend shopping trip, this one suits the best.

How to Get This Look?

You need to begin with dry hair then go for prepping the tresses with the use of thermal protectant. By using a curling want, you may then make curls on your hair in vertical positions by working in medium-sized sections. As per your requirement, you may then flat iron your bangs. Now take a hair donut and place it under your head crown and then secure the tresses. Now you need to backcomb around the hair donut. Now you should go for smoothening the hair over donut by pulling the tresses into a slight side ponytail. Over the shoulders, you may arrange your hair as you want and then finish this style with hairspray usage.

Above are the best African American hairstyles, which can be used to look stunningly gorgeous at parties or any event.

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