Hair Weaves Styles

Step-by-Step Hair Weave Instructions…

This ebook has more than 110 pages of step-by-step instructions, examples and picture illustrations you will learn how to:

How to Braid Your Own Hair

Prepare the Tracks; and

Sew-in Your Hair Own Weave

This instructional guide will teach you the best techniques, tips and tricks needed to create and maintain the best hair weave styles at an affordable cost. If you want to wear the latest color trends and textures without the damaging effects on your own natural hair – this ebook is for you!

Going Natural? Wear a weave while your perm grows out…

  • This guide will show you how to:

  • Protect your natural hair
  • Prevent breakage while wearing a weave
  • Keep your natural hair clean & conditioned
  • Select your style and braid pattern
  • Purchase the best hair for your style
  • Secure tracks for long lasting wear
  • Maintain and tighten tracks after washing
Hair Weaves Styles
Hair Weave Styles

Simple tips for maintaining your hair weave:

  • Learn to brush your hair while holding the tracks close to the head with one hand. This prevents unnecessary pulling and tugging that will prematurely loosen the weave.
  • To maintain the bounce and shine, shampoo each week (never go longer than two weeks) and avoid alcohol based hair care products.
  • Thoroughly brush your hair before shampooing to remove all tangles, be sure to lift each track up and rinse out all residue buildup.
  • At bedtime wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf. Cotton pillowcases and sheets may adversely affect the shine of your hair.

Learn How to Weave Your Hair at Home

  • Learn which supplies to keep on hand to maintain your hair
  • Learn how to safely remove any glued on pieces
  • Learn how to keep your styled tight, wash after wash
  • Learn what you can do each night to help maintain your style
  • Learn tricks the celebrities use to keep their style fresh
Hair Weave Style

You Are a Good Candidate for a Hair Weave...

  • you want to change the color or texture of your hairstyle without damaging your natural hair
  • you've had a bad haircut experience and need to look good while it's growing out
  • you are very active (running, swimming, etc) and you need a way to manage and protect your natural hair; or
  • you have a strong desire to look great while spending a minimal amount of money.
Hair Weave Style

No More Bad Hair (Weave) Days

    wearing hats and scarves to cover up new growth in the front track.
    loose tracks hanging down uneven.
    bobby pins in your head to hold down tracks that have grown out.
    buying hair that looks horrible after the first wash.
    braids poking out between the tracks (oh my!)
Hair Weave Style

Save Tons of Money!

  • Whether you are simply adding a couple of tracks for fullness/length or installing a full head sew-in, this ebook can save you hundreds of dollars
  • Even if you choose to get a professional weave installed at the salon, this ebook will teach you how to maintain and tighten your tracks yourself – even more savings
  • The information in this ebook is worth its weight in gold in savings for you!
Hair Weaves Styles

Client Testimonials (see what our clients have to say)

  • Hair Weaves Styles OMG! I'm so glad I did it! I was spending at least $200 every time I stepped into the hair salon. The key is to start small – take baby steps. Don't try to do a full head the first time. Start with three rows in the back for length or maybe two rows in the front for long bangs just to get the hang of it. Spend the money for the book, with all the photos and diagrams and instructions it's well worth it.
  • Hair Weaves Styles I have been doing my own hair weave for some time now, but it was never "celebrity" quality. I sometimes had a few bumps and lumps to deal with. This book has elevated my skill to almost professional level. As a matter of fact, I earned $1500.00 last weekend by adding extensions for bangs and ponytails for my cousin's wedding party. They were so impressed with how everyone's hair was flat and tight. I may have a new side business now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Hair Weaves Styles After 20 years of marriage, I divorced about three years ago. I'm over forty but still in decent shape. Like many women my age, my hair is not as full as it once was so I cut it about a year ago. I had been feeling a little down about not being asked out by men very often – correction not being asked out by 'quality' men – so I decided to make a change in my appearance. I purchased the Ultimate Hair Weave Guide a few months ago and oh my goodness – the waters have parted. I tried curly hair, straight hair, I even did a tight spiral afro. I get more attention now than I know what to do with – I have to write my dates down on the kitchen calendar so I don't get confused. Thank you for this book, my confidence level is off the chart! -Nashville, TN
  • Hair Weaves Styles I love my hair stylist, but she could not make my bangs look the way I wanted to save her life! I bought this book and gave it to her (with a big smile). She followed the braiding pattern diagrams in this book and I have never been happier. Recently, she tried some of the other hair weave styles in the book and I have been getting tons of compliments. Thanks for sharing this information – I would have paid a lot more for this book! -Santa Fe, NM
  • Hair Weaves Styles I had been searching for something like this for more than a year! It's amazing that it took so long. I like to wear long hair extensions for special occasions (not every day), so it makes no sense for me to pay $300-$500 for a professional hair weave only to have them removed in a few days. I ordered The Hair Weave Styles a few weeks before going on vacation last summer so that I could keep my hair looking fabulous while on vacay. Glad I had time to practice. I only needed three rows across the back to add length to my style. The book walks you through everything from shampooing/conditioning your natural hair, to braiding your hair, tacking down the braid for strength, then sewing on the extensions - there are pictures to show you how it should look as you're doing it. Anyway vacation was a huge success, all my girlfriends had to wear caps and scarves after our first day on the beach (looked awful!), while I danced the night away with my long bouncy spiral curls. Thanks Hair Weave Styles
  • Hair Weaves Styles I decided to buy this book because I have a lot of friends who use hair weave styles to change the way they look. I always believed that it was hard to do! But after I read this book, I understand now that the process, while detailed, makes sense. Just taking a little time to install the weave, will give you weeks of great looking hair! And the variety of styles you can attain with it is unbelievable! I appreciated the pictures of the process that was sprinkled throughout the book. It made what I was reading more enjoyable and understandable once I saw the pictures. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know a little more about hair weaving and why it is beneficial. It's fun and easy read. Take this coming from a REAL skeptic. Now I understand why women choose to use hair weaving to change their appearance. I'm going to experiment with adding a couple of tracks, just for length.
  • Hair Weaves Styles I am a cosmetology student in the Dallas area and we don't have any ebooks with instructions for weaving black hair. This book covers everything from selecting the right type of hair, to installing the hair, tightening the tracks and keeping the hair underneath healthy. I feel like I'm way ahead of the other students here.

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